From the Washington Times comes this article titled The Marriage of Many. (see here)

This article was well timed from my perspective since it ties in with two subjects I have been discussing recently, Gay rights and the Libertarian Party.

Frequently when homosexual marriage comes up for debate in America, Polygamy enters into the conversation. Gay marriage advocates try to downplay the tie in of the issues, however I feel it is pretty difficult to deny the relationship. In one European country, Belgium I am fairly certain it was, civil unions started out as a gay rights issue but now civil unions are granted for multiple partners.

Indeed, according to the article, one pro-Polygamy leader states "Liberals and feminists have to be pro-polygamy because of their tolerance doctrine and belief in a woman's right to choose, which certainly includes 'the right to choose polygamy'." Think about it. If one comes to accept that marriage or civil unions should not be denied to two people just because they are of the same sex is it really that big a leap to then decide you must also be tolerant of consenting adults who choose to enter into a multiple partner relationship?

What's wrong with Polygamy? Well here in America small, isolated, secretive groups form communities were Polygamy is unofficially practiced. Think about what goes on in these communities. These families probably have boy and girl babies in roughly equal numbers. After they are done raising these children, and they become adults, what happens to all the males? Not all of them are going to be able to find wives to marry because of the practice of Polygamy, and we're not just talking about men taking a couple at a time, we're talking about the priveledged few taking numerous wives. I find it interesting that many of these cults are an offshoot of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) although the vast majority of Latter Day Saints disown them. It was one of the early Mormon leaders who stated that one of the greatest threats to society is a young, unmarried male. I wonder what these Mormons do with all the young unmarried males? Perhaps they drive them out of their communities so as not to be threatened by them? Their mini-societies are sick, at least in my opinion.

I noted that in addition to the ACLU supporting Polygamists rights, the National Libertarian Party supports it as well. At first blush they might seem like strange bedfellows, however I guess it makes sense.

Homosexual marriage proponents say allowing gay marriage will not be a slippery slope and it will not lead to legally recognized Polygamy. That is not the way many people, including myself, see it. If we are going to redefine marriage so that it includes same sex partners, what is to prevent the new definition from being broadened a little further?

Polygamists probably have a better legal argument for Polygamy then homosexuals have for same sex marriage. Religious freedom is guaranteed after all. It would seem that those that say an amendment to the federal Constitution defining exactly what a marriage is might have a valid point.


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