Loving the Death Tax

Loving the "Death Tax".

It is not "politically correct" to be in favor of the "death tax". Republicans have sold Americans on the idea that somehow the "death tax" is evil. I am going to speak out in favor of it. I am not going to turn my back on the "American Way". As much as Republicans try to spread their filth, I KNOW the death tax is part of the American Way and I know abolishing it is un-American.

First let us examine what happens if we abolish the death tax. People like Bill Gates get to pass on their estates tax free. Lucky for Bill Gates' kids back in the "old days" we had a death tax. If not for the death tax in the past they might have to compete with the Rockefeller and Carnegy descendants for being the wealthiest snot nosed rich kids. But, thanks to present day politics, they get to ascend to the peak. They get to be the wealthiest snot nosed rich kids.

What happens as we allow others to become equal to the present day descendants of Bill Gates? Bill Gates passes on his mega billions on to his kids and future billionaires get to pass on their mega billions to their descendants. Just how many wealthy can America support? If "once wealthy, always wealthy" gets to be the norm just how much room is there going to be for new wealthy? All them wealthy people need servants. Once we have made enough of them wealthy that there is no more room at the top what will we call them? They are the permanently wealthy, so I suggest we start calling them nobility.

We will end up with a class society that goes against everything the America I grew up in and was taught to believe in stands for.

The death tax motivates the wealthy to continue to do good things for us. By us I mean "we the people". Bill Gates descendants, due to the silver spoon, already have a healthy head start on the rest of us on obtaining "the good life". They can either fritter away the wealth or try to reconquer the peaks their Daddy did. With the death tax, they are going to have to work to reestablish the wealth and they already have a major head start on everyone else. If they do not attempt to work for a living each succeeding generation is going to see the "mountain top" whittled away by half until they are just like the rest of us.

Bill Gates evidently has some good genes in him. I want to provide motivation to his kids to keep on doing good things for us. Them kids only being motivated to live the good life, jet set around the world, and waste his wealth is not acceptable to me. Without the death tax his kids can park his wealth in "conservative" investments, waste all they want and still find themselves ahead at the end of the day. I want his kids to have to take the risks he (Bill Gates) was motivated to take in order to reestablish Daddy's mountaintop. Maybe some good will come of it.

The federal "death tax" even allows for several million dollars to be passed on tax free. If that is not true in your state fix your own state's policies. But the federal death tax is not part of the problem it is part of the solution. No permanent nobility in America is the American Way.

The death tax is part of the American Way. Previous generations were geniuses when they came up with it. I see no evidence of genius in those who attempt to abolish it. I only see them selling themselves out to the wealthy and trying to sell the lies to the general public.

The death tax is part of the American Way. Attempts to abolish it are just downright un-American.


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