No freedom of speech in the NBA

Warning basketball stars, freedom of speech will not be tolerated in the NBA. (see here)

Just what does the NBA expect from their stars? When a star gets traded to a new team do they expect he must abandon all his team loyalties in other sports and start rooting for the local favorites?

What are we going to hear next? How about major league baseball fining "The Rocket" for being willing to pitch for Houston for less money because he has loyalties to the team going back to his childhood? Why this can not be tolerated. Other teams like the Yankees were willing to pay him more but he was willing to pitch for Houston for less out of some twisted favoritism going back to his childhood.

Can you imagine that? The Rocket was willing to forgo additional compensation he could earn by pitching for the Yankees, for crying out loud, out of loyalty to his home state. There needs to be a law against it. Now I hear he is considering packing up and moving on and the Texas Rangers are one of the teams that is a favorite because he still has that damn loyalty to Texas.

Why isn't my team (the St Louis Cardinals) in the running? If he does not want to pitch for the Yankees because he has already "been there, done that" then why not pitch for a team that has the potential to "go all the way", particularly if Walt Jocketty could add "the Rocket" to his stable of starters? "The Rocket" wants to pitch for the Rangers? Come on? Does he expect the Rangers to be competitive? The Rangers had A-Rod and they couldn't make it work. The Rangers are so incompetent when it comes time to evaluate talent that they once had George Dubyah Bush as General Manager.

If the Mavericks can get away with fining Darrell Armstrong for daring to publicly root for his Redskins then I think Major League Baseball can get away with fining "the Rocket" if he signs with the Rangers. If he sells himself to the highest bidder (George Steinbrenner) that is certainly American and that would be OK. If he wants to sign with a contender like the Cardinals (my team - grin), that would still be OK. But if he signs with a bunch of losers like the Rangers out of some twisted loyalty to Texas dating back to his childhood, why that must be un-American (go ask the Mavericks) and that is not allowed.

As for Darrell Armstrong, I will say what they do not allow him to say. HOW ABOUT THEM REDSKINS? They decimated the Dallas Cowboys. Humiliated them. They beat the Cowboys both times this year! Go Redskins! (Can anyone tell I am a Skins fan?)


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