When your back is turned

When your back is turned on your government just look at what your government is up to.

For what the US House of Representatives is up to recently (see here).

Them damn hypocrites. By a vote of 397 to 17 they voted that any participation of Hamas within the Palestinian Authority will undermine future US funding of the Palestinian Authority.

Look at how America seeks to conduct elections within Iraq. We are actually trying to encourage the militants to lay down their arms and engage in the political process. We are even willing to allow Baathists to have a voice. Are we going to withdraw funding from the Iraqis and even, gasp, withdraw American forces from Iraq if the Baathists participate? Even if they participate but do not win the election?

But when Hamas seeks to enter into the political process this is not allowed. Is this because we are only asking Israelis to continue to fight and die? As long as no Americans are involved in "continuing the struggle" and it is only "them damn Jews" who are expected to die it is OK?

What works for "us" in Iraq is what works for Mahmoud Abbas in Palestine. He is trying to welcome all parties into the political process just like we are trying to encourage the militants in Iraq.

Perhaps we can withhold monetary support from the new Palestinian Authority if the new government takes positions that are contrary to peace. But to threaten to withhold monetary support if the Palestinians allow a significant portion of the Palestinian people to have a voice in the government? Why then do we welcome Baathists to the table in Iraq if Hamas is not welcomed to the table in Palestine?

I smell a rat. In fact what I smell is the rotting corpse of hypocrisy.

It is amazing that when it comes to balancing the budget we can not even get a simple majority, but when it comes to "right wing extremism" in the Middle East we can gain a nearly unanimous result.

We will abandon "right wing extremism" when American lives are at stake but when "their lives" are at stake, we'll take the extremist line.

Well the extremist line is defined as the results of 9-11. You governing hypocrites have to deal within the fact the front lines now include the streets of Manhattan. If you can find a way to include the Baathists in elections in Iraq, then why can not Palestinian elections in Palestine include the voices of a significant portion of the Palestinian people?

If we are unhappy with the election results we are still free to act as we see proper. But first we must identify that which we are dealing with. Who knows, once Hamas starts gaining some voice in the future of their people they might even start becoming realists.

Is there any wonder why some people in the world hate Americans? Democracy my ass.


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