Another speech from Dubyah?

Another speech from Dubyah? (see here) I heard this speech was coming, but I did not go out of my way to watch it on TV. Some might say I should watch what Dubyah has to say "in person" because you can get so much from body language. This has not been my experience. When Dubyah tries to give a speech he often butchers it. His public speaking often distracts you from what he tries to say, so you often are just better off reading the message instead of watching it. Personally I think Dan Rather was better at reading words from a teleprompter then Dubyah.

What confuses me is why Dubyah had to so quickly resort to another speech. I thought he was going to give four speeches and right after he is done with the last one we have to take into consideration another one? When is he going to stop? If he does not get the desired results this time we are going to be subjected to yet another "major speech" of "major national importance"?

Well, I guess there is nothing wrong with that. He is the President of the United States after all, and if he wants to address us I guess it is only fair that we try to listen to what he has to say. My only problem is that I wish he would try and tell us something new instead of resorting to regurgitating the "old failed leadership" that he tried in the past. Someone tell Dubyah that we have heard this shit before. The reason some people disagree with you is BECAUSE we heard this shit from you before. What am I talking about? He is trying to take advantage of the "ignorant masses" that still think Saddam had something to do with 9-11.

I take EXTREME offense that Dubyah is ONCE AGAIN trying to tie the war in Iraq to this horror. While he might speak the truth that NOW the war on terror includes Iraq, that is only BECAUSE we invaded Iraq. If HE had not chose to include Iraq in the war, we would have had a whole lot more help as we conducted the war. By INCLUDING Iraq in the war we lost quite abit of world support (to put it mildly).

If the man would just humbly 'fess up and admit he was wrong I might say he gave a powerful speech. But when he tries to lead us forward by trying to dig up old bullshit arguments that are so outrageously... what... if we do not call them lies.... what do we call them? First time around we could have said he was just human and mistaken? But when we keep hearing it after we know it is "mistaken" but he tries to tell it to us again? Is it now wrong to DEMAND that our President quit getting on television and "speaking that which is not truthful"? (I think "that which is not truthful" would be a lie - grin.)

You know, if I thought Dubyah was capable of providing the leadership America thirsts for I might be willing to sign on with him. Truth is that if I were President, I might give a speech that attempts to get the American people to back that which Dubyah is trying to get the American people to back with this speech.

My problem is that once we get the American people to "do the right thing" we are still going to have Dubyah behind the tiller. I do not totally want to oppose Dubyah in what he wants us to do now. What he is asking us to do now is perhaps the right thing. If I were President I might ask you to do the same. My fear is that if he is successful, what will he ask us to do next? He has shown us in this speech he is not above resorting to bullshit in winning our support. I am starting to lose confidence in the man we have in the Oval Office. I will allow him to be human. Just because we put someone in the Oval Office does not mean this person somehow automatically becomes super human. But when this person displays an extreme lack of judgment in addressing the nation? He might not be the man responsible for writing his speeches, but he is the man who chooses to give them!

It is time to admit the truth people. We have Dubyah at the helm of our nation, and I am starting to get worried. Can you imagine? This is the guy we put in charge of our nuclear weapons? What were the majority of you people thinking when you voted for him? Yeah, I know who the other choice was.

In praise of Dubyah I will give credit to that person who came up with the closing line (other then "Thank you, and good night.") of his speech: 'And we remember the words of the Christmas carol, written during the Civil War: "God is not dead, nor (does) He sleep; the Wrong shall fail, the Right prevail, with peace on Earth, good-will to men." ' Beautiful and inspirational. I am happy I took the time to read his speech just to hear this line because THERE was something new.


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