On the road again...

Once again I am trying to head out on the road.

I expect to be gone for several weeks, that is if my truck cooperates this time.

I did a little research on internet access while I was on the road this past time out. Seems cell phone companies are offering unlimited access, regardless of time of day or day of the week for something like $60, of course there are probably any number of taxes and fees added to this price.

The salesman claimed the service offered by Sprint rivals broadband cable in its speed and that Cingular's service rivals DSL access. Why would anyone then choose Cingular? Because out West Sprint has large areas without coverage while Cingular's coverage is more robust.

Anyway, one of these days I might decide to jump onboard. It is probably going to have to wait for awhile though. First step for me is probably going to be to actually get a cell phone itself. Some drivers I run into are amazed I am still able to exist without that, let alone without internet access.


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