Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks have put out a new CD. Word is that it is a best seller.

One problem. Country Western stations are not playing the songs. Why not? It is a best selling CD, it is "popular" but they will not play it.

Oh that is right. In the run up to the Iraq war the Dixie Chicks dared to publicly speak out against Dubyah Bush. They can not be forgiven for, as entertainers, daring to voice a viewpoint.

Well if Country Western stations enjoy the freedom to boycott the Dixie Chicks, then I too can exercise my freedom and boycott Country Western stations. It is not like Country Western stations avoid politics. With great regularity they will play Toby Keith singing about the Statue of Liberty shaking her fist and how putting a boot up your ass is the American way! It is not for politics that they spurn the Dixie Chicks, they love broadcasting "proper" political songs.

I guess if I want to hear the Dixie Chicks I am going to have to rush out and buy the CD for myself.

But until American Country Western stations start respecting the All American right to freedom of speech, and yes this includes the Dixie Chick's rights, I am going to exercise my right to tune right past them as I scan the dial.

The Dixie Chicks possess beautiful voices. They write their own songs, which further endears me towards them.

For those who condemn the Dixie Chicks for being "left wing extremists" or something, let me remind you that one of their hits, before they were yanked from the airwaves, was "Travelin' Soldier".

I want to hear the Dixie Chicks. The American Public wants to hear the Dixie Chicks. They have released a new CD which is a hit but still they can not get any airtime. Until Country Western stations start playing what I want to hear, I am not going to tune them in.

I announce a one man boycott of Country Western stations until they "change their evil ways". Grin.


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