Evil Christians

(See here) a Haaretz article that reports on the "scandal" of the Roman Catholic Pope not being contrite enough when he visited Auschwitz.

Let me note that while the "Polish Pope", John Paul visited Auschwitz and evidently his apology was "good enough", evidently more apologies are needed. When the Roman Catholic Church appoints a Deutsch Pope, more bowing and scraping is required.

How about this? If Pope Benedict goes to Auschwitz and agrees to have his bare back exposed, willingly subjects himself to being whipped as Jesus was, will the "apology" finally be accepted?

Any apology from a Christian leader involves going against the Christian New Testament in which it is pointed out that Jewish leaders proclaimed they would permanently, until the end of time, accept responsibility for the death of Jesus!

However Jesus also, in his prayer to the Father as he hung on the cross, asked God to "Please forgive them, because they know not what they do?" Jesus always had an answer for everything didn't he? My reasoning is that this is part of the reason he was put to death.

OK "you damn Jews", just how contrite must Pope Benedict be in order to qualify for your forgiveness? If he agrees to allow you to crucify him, will that be enough? I would not doubt that Pope Benedict might be willing to take things to these extremes. I do not doubt that "some Jews" might demand these extremes. However I am also fairly sure that those who demand it would not even be satisfied by even this.

I would counsel Pope Benedict to not go to extremes. Nothing is going to satisfy Jewish extremists even if you do. If Jewish extremists demand another sacrifice, will only be satisfied by this sacrifice, let me go in your place. The world can continue without me, but you have the power to "change the world" which I do not.

And this comes from a man who only calls Jesus "Rabbi" and who proclaims him to be the greatest Jew to have ever lived!


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