The Jefferson Case

Louisiana House Representative Jefferson's governmental office was invaded, under warrant, to gather evidence that he is a corrupt individual worthy of scorn.

First let me state that the federal government apparently does not need any evidence they have obtained from a search of his office. I would imagine they only obtained the authority to search his office by the overwhelming evidence they obtained through other means.

I am going to stand on the principle of separation of powers. The precedence that could be established by the Jefferson case could erode the separation of powers to too great an extent for us to sit on our hands and allow this. Never before has the executive branch been allowed such powers in the face of obvious abuse of powers. Why? Because the risk posed to honest legislatures has been too great.

The case against Representative Jefferson does not even need the evidence obtained from a search of his office. If the search is allowed to stand because he obviously violated the law, what protection is there for a member of the legislature who is only "suspected" of violating the law without any real proof, only generalized suspicion?

What is to prevent the Executive Branch from obtaining search warrants to search offices of the Legislative Branch based upon political standings? Were the records of Richard Nixon subjected to search and seizure after his obvious violations of the law?

If the Executive Branch is willing to subject themselves to the same standards they seek to impose upon the Legislative Branch I think I am all ears. If however the Executive Branch continues to twist law so that it could be used to punish political opponents while holding themselves not subject to the same laws I give them the big raspberry.

There are dangers inherent in allowing governmental officials special privileges. I feel these dangers are no less then those granted by the Constitution in granting an ordinary citizen the right to "keep and bear arms". For the greater good, some rights and protections granted under the Constitution need to be adhered to, even if we can not see the wisdom under short term circumstances.

The Representative Jefferson case does not serve as a good example to test the limits of powers between the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch. There is already enough evidence to prove the guilty bastard is guilty. Let us not make this case a test case of limits of authority. Do not let the objective of "proving the case" against one dishonest man torpedo our system of government.

That is unless the Executive Branch is willing to submit to the same requirements they impose on the Legislative Branch. In which case I am all ears, but wondering how they will be able to conduct business.


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