Stick Your Head In the Sand

American people, what is the solution to your problems? Well Charley Reese argues that you need to play like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand.

(See here) as Charley argues that the solution to our problems is that you ignore the problems. Do not try to be an informed voter when you pull the election lever, just treat it like a Las Vegas slot machine. The more you know, and the more informed you are, you are only going to hurt yourself. Just ignore all the problems and they will all go away.

Sorry Charley! Problems are not going to go away just by ignoring them. Polticians are not going to become more honest by us just excusing them. Global warming is going to happen whether we stick our heads in the sand or if we do not.

Let me quote Charley in his article:
Still another good rule is to establish as many routines as possible so you only have to think and make decisions about significant matters. Two rules that go together are these: Limit the amount of information you absorb, and seek significance in your work, friends and family.

Another one:
I go even further and suggest that for good psychological health, people should turn off the TV and radio and cancel any newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Wise advice? Stay uninformed? All your problems will just go away if you just ignore them?

Yeah, that is just what we need. We need more fools voting come election day. Once enough fools start voting, all our problems will be solved!


Blogger Michael said...

...Some of them are facetious, but some are full of wisdom.

When you can't separate satire from wisdom, that is a good time to retire. I think it is time that Charley should settle down for the good life.

Michael Tam
vitualis' Medical Rants

4/27/2006 07:23:00 AM  

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