History of Religion in America

The history of religion in America.

If you live in America, have you ever wondered (like I have) what is behind all the different signs you see posted in front of the local churches? You know the ones, they identify themselves as "Church of the Nazarene", "Church of God", "Primitive Church" etc.

(See here) an excerpt of the book American Theocracy written by Kevin Phillips that appears on the National Public Radio website. This "excerpt" is in fact the complete chapter four of the book. It makes for quite heavy reading, so make sure you have a fresh cup of coffee if you attempt it. This chapter covers the history of religion in America and the rise of theology (in the author's viewpoint) to what we face today. It will help explain to you how two different churches that seem to be so related can exist within a block or two of each other.

To get to the chapter you will have to scroll down past the entry accompanying the audio clip of "America Under the Influence of Oil" which is what first attracted me to this jewel. You will not be wasting your time listening to that one either.


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