I Like McCain But...

I like Arizona Senator John McCain but...

(See here) and (here) Slate Webzine articles that discuss the Senator McCain's run for the Republican nomination for President in 2008.

First off let me say that I respect and admire Senator McCain. The one real problem I have with John serving as President is his age. Ronald Reagan showed us that age does matter when it comes to serving as President. I am not saying that age alone should disqualify a person from serving, since in my years I have met some really sharp people who were "old", however Ronald Reagan proved that age does claim at least some of us as we get broad in our years. Will this happen to John? Well there is no sign of it yet. Perhaps we should give him a chance. But if we do this (give him a chance) I put forth that it will be more important then ever that we insist he picks wisely on a running mate.

Look at what happened to Ariel Sharon after he conceived the Kadima Party in Israel for a more recent example of where age does matter. Now Ariel Sharon was overweight, and John at least seems to be fit and trim. But Ariel was able to lead while he was young and overweight. Age seems to be at least a contributing factor in his present health condition.

John McCain might be fit and trim, but he is elderly. Age does matter.

Beyond his age, I am wondering if I will still be willing to vote for the John McCain who will position himself so far to the right to win the Republican nomination that I will find it difficult to vote for him. I am in love with the John McCain of history. I think I might find it difficult to remain in love with the John McCain who would win the Republican nomination.

But that is a problem we are going to have to deal with for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. Whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee is going to end up swinging so far to the left to win the nomination I am not going to be "in love" there either.

Too bad the "moderate (almost, but not quite - we poll 45%) majority" can't make ourselves felt in the nomination process. We fall victim to the minority right wingers in the Republican Party and the even more minority left wingers in the Democrat Party to pick who we have to choose between when it comes to election day.

I wish we could do a poll. Let America decide between two legitimate moderates from both parties (like John McCain to represent Republicans and Mark Warner to represent Democrats) and then all us moderates agree to swing our support behind the winner come hell or high water. (An even better Democrat nominee might be Senator Conrad, but he has not expressed an interest in running.)

If moderates could somehow agree to unite our powerful center behind one single voice, we might obtain a candidate we could support with gusto instead of hurling as we pull the election lever while we vote.


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