Dubyah Bush Dismisses "wild Speculation" on Iran

Dubyah Bush dismisses "wild speculation" on Iran.

(See here) a Washington Post article that reports on this.

Let's get this straight. With one statement he tries to backpedal, dismissing reports he is even considering resorting to nuclear weapons as "wild speculation". 'Why, that is just preposterous!' he seems to be attempting to say.

But just how "wild" or preposterous truly are these speculations? Doesn't he refuse to deny that his administration has studied airstrikes as an option? Doesn't our military say that airstrikes without tactical nukes would be ineffective? Doesn't he have a proven track record of reaching for the military option to resolving things as in Iraq? Hasn't he authorized the development of low yield, burrowing nuclear weapons that would be useful in dealing with the "Iranian problem"? Haven't we been through this drill before?

"Wild speculation"? I say it would be irresponsible of us as American citizens to not take these reports seriously. It is preposterous for Dubyah to claim they need not be taken seriously.

Dubyah is already starting to speak of "prevention" rather then "preemption". With preemption, which is generally accepted by international law, you strike to stop your enemy from launching an attack on you. It is better for the war that is to be fought to be fought on the enemy's turf rather then waiting for it to be fought on your turf. Preventive would mean you strike before your enemy even has the capability to attack you. There is no crime with any country trying to obtain the weapons they need to defend themselves. With all this talk, Dubyah is even strengthening the Iranian hand that they need nukes to defend themselves, after all, the USA, through Dubyah, is considering nuking them.

I am going to look at the facts. Dubyah Bush has actively sought to develop the means to strike. He refuses to swear off that he will not use the method he has developed. He is extremely concerned about the current situation in Iran. We all know what his track record is as to how he goes about resolving problems and just how wise his solutions have turned out to be.

And now what do we witness? Dubyah tries to reassure us that reasonable, deep concern is "wild speculation". I'm saying it ain't so. We need to be concerned. Deeply concerned.


Blogger Michael said...

If the report of using nuclear bunker busters were truly just "wild speculation", why was it not immediately branded as such? If that original investigative journalist had got it wrong, it would have made sense for the administration to have stated as such firmly on the day. After all, the threat to use a nuke on another nation for what amounts to preventive war (which is illegal by International Law) is very harmful to reputation to the US if it were untrue.

What the White House has done is to initially admit and deny nothing and suggest a "trust us, we're the good guys" type sentiment. Then, Bush a couple of days later slipping out into the public consciousness that he "in fact" wasn't thinking of using nukes while speaking to students. And now, the "wild speculation" press announcement by his PR today today.

What do I think is happening?

Bush is quite serious about using the tactical nuke option... and he doesn't see the obvious hypocrisy involved. Bush also doesn't see anything wrong with "preventive war". When the news hit, the Administration needed a day or two to coach Bush on how to handle the issue and to put on a consistent spin.

Michael Tam
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4/11/2006 08:15:00 PM  

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