Delaying "Convergence" in Israel

Delaying "convergence" in Israel.

(See here) a Haaretz article that expresses Olmert seeks to delay "convergence".

Let me get this straight. Olmert ran on a campaign of "convergence". The majority of Israelis who voted, voted for either his party or parties that wanted to go further then he was supposedly leading. Now that he has won the election he is starting to backpedal.

He didn't really mean "convergence". While he ran on "convergence" and he won the election, it now appears we must put off "convergence" so far into the future that it will never be attained.

If "convergence" is actually where Olmert was leading he should strike while the iron is hot. He can not guarantee support will be there in the future. Attempts to put the measure off into the indefinite future is only an attempt to let the iron cool off. If Olmert wanted to lead Likud, why did he represent himself to the Israeli public as being at the helm of Kadima? The Israeli public voted for "convergence". If the Israeli public wanted to put it off, they would have voted for Likud.

We are being fed a bunch of bullshit people. Even when the majority of Israelis support us, Israeli politicians will try to wheezle out of it.

JUSTICE FOR ALL. Even the Israeli public demands it. Now if we can just get the Israeli politicians to go along with it!


Blogger Little David said...

Ahh, in rebuttal to myself, perhaps allowing Olmert a mere one and one half years to get things going ain't so bad.

But what happens between now and then? Do the "settlements" continue to expand while we wait?

I wish to trust Olmert. Problem is that even during the Oslo Peace Process, the "settlements" continued to expand. Is it any wonder I am a little sensetive about waiting for future promises? I think I (we) have been stabbed in the back in the past!

4/09/2006 01:57:00 PM  

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