Evolutionism Is False?

Evolutionism is false?

(See here) an MSNBC article that seems to point, yet again, at how evolution is reality.

I am not trying to say God did not create the world. I still give God the credit (or the blame - grin). But if God created the world and did not do so through evolution, then he is also to blame for leaving us all the evidence that evolution is how things came to be. I guess if you want to be a creationist you have to accept that God tried to fool us by creating all this fossil evidence.

Nah, God didn't create these fossils, it was the devil. The devil created these fossils to fool us foolish humans into believing in evolution and into doubting the infallibility of the Bible.

Egads, think about it people. The devil created these fossils, and MSNBC, by publicizing these findings, is a tool of the devil.

Either we need to pray harder or we need to visit our friendly neighborhood shrink and ask for some medication. I'll leave it up to you to choose.


Blogger Michael said...

Evolution is a real phenomenon and is pretty robust. There is an absolute plethora of physical evidence.

I am always somewhat bemused (and disturbed) that the evolution vs. creationism argument persists in being such a big issue in the United States. As per the Vatican (and most other Christian churches) there is absolutely no reason why both cannot co-exist.

See here on an article by Neil Ormerod, Professor of Theology at the Australian Catholic University on why Intelligent Design is Poor Theology.

Michael Tam
vitualis' Medical Rants

4/06/2006 05:31:00 AM  

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