Katie Couric To Be CBS News Anchor

(See here) an MSNBC article that announces Katie Couric is leaving the Today Show and will take up a post as CBS News' evening news anchor.

Personally I think Katie will be a great addition to CBS News. But I look at this change with some regret. Why the regret? Because I guess I am going to be deprived of the opportunity to view this gorgeous woman's legs anymore. As CBS News anchor she is going to mainly be sitting behind a counter with her legs hidden. On the Today Show, she at least occasionally sat on a couch and even crossed those gorgeous legs she possesses.

Call me a male chauvinist pig if you want, but I really appreciated the glimpses of her legs. Beyond her legs I appreciated her wit and intellect. Due to these qualities I think she will make a great news anchor. Perhaps CBS News can even figure out a way for me to get an occasional peek at those legs of hers, grin.


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