Settler Movement Founder Backs Kadima

The Israeli political party Kadima received (at least to me) an unexpected endorsement from within leadership circles of the Israeli settler community. (See here) a Washington Times article by Joshua Mitnick that reports on this.

Seems some settler leaders are starting to wake up to reality. Israel is not going to be allowed to continue the occupation while simultaneously continuing to expand the settlements. Some type of resolution is going to be forced upon Israel, Israel (and her chief benefactor, the United States) can not continue to defend the hypocrisy. Even Ariel Sharon came to realize this.
Rabbi Yoel Ben Nun endorsed Mr. Olmert's Kadima party, acknowledging that
the dream of Israel's controlling all of the biblical land of Israel is
unrealistic and accusing settler leaders of isolating themselves from the
Israeli mainstream.

I would imagine Rabbi Yoel Ben Nun has surveyed the landscape, reached the conclusion that change is coming, and decided the best way to influence what the changes will be is by being on the inside. There is little reason for Kadima to include Likud (or any party further to the right) in any coalition government that is formed, or else why was Kadima established in the first place?

Perhaps that will not hold true if election results do not follow current polls, and it is now Olmert who sits at the helm of Kadima, not Sharon. But if Kadima is still "Sharon's party", and from I have heard this is how current Kadima leadership is trying to sell the party in current campaign adds, it would be foolish for Kadima to attempt to form a government with the very people Sharon was trying to divorce himself from.

I doubt this endorsement is going to lead to numerous Kadima bumper stickers sprouting up on settler automobiles, however it could lead to stemming the erosion of support from amongst those who are most likely to support Kadima anyway.


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