No Future For Fusion Power?

No future for fusion power? (See here) a New Scientist article written by David L Chandler that discusses a paper written by now deceased physicist Williams Parkins that was published in the journal Science.

William Parkins contends research in fusion power generation is not apt to ever produce anything useful.

According to the article, even the staunchest of advocates admit power producing fusion plants are decades away, perhaps as much as 50 years, and even then might not be economically viable. Economic viability will depend on what the cost is of other energy sources by that time.

In the past, I have heard some speak of fusion power as if it might one day be the Holy Grail that will solve all of our future energy needs and be key to solving the global warming problem. This might still be the case, however those involved in the quest for fusion power, those who best might know the future, seem to have their doubts.

My own hope is that we push on with other alternative energy sources. There appears to be little reason to hold back while we wait for fusion power to solve all the problems.


Blogger Michael said...

Nuclear fusion power has been "50 years away" since the 1950s...


That being said, successful harnessing of fusion power [b]is[/b] the Holy Grail of energy production. Safe, relatively clean, and essentially endless amounts of power.


3/12/2006 11:32:00 PM  

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