Mohammed Cartoons

OK, I am now ready to address the subject of the Mohammed cartoons.

(See here) this Aljazeera defense of Moslem outrage written by Soumaya Ghannoushi. No one can say this defense is lacking only due to failure to understand one another's language. This woman evidently understands my language better then I do. She not only knows what words like hermeneutical and eschatology mean, she knows how to include these words in a sentence.

First let me state that I have never viewed the cartoons. I tried a Google search, and I would imagine that if I persistent enough, I would have eventually found them, but I was lazy. I have however heard of one of them described. Mohammed as depicted as having a bomb under his turban.

Was this cartoon offensive? Yeah I guess it was if you are thin skinned. But if Moslems are so offended by this depiction, a parody, and could demonstrate and even take violent action, where were the demonstrations after 9-11? If "a minority" of Moslems can be motivated to take such action after a newspaper publishes a parody that depicts Mohammed (probably wrongfully), in Soumaya's words, "as a bloodthirsty warrior with a sword in one hand and a Quaran in another", where were the demonstrations from the majority of Moslems to the reality that some Moslems flew jetliners into the World Trade Center and this so called minority took to the streets to celebrate the event while screaming "God is great"?

What about us Christians? OK, fair question. But how many "Christians" (although many of them were secular) took to the streets to demonstrate against the invasion of Iraq? Compare this to the number of people that took to the streets when the Crucifix was placed into a glass of urine, as one artist placed it. There was DISCUSSION of the insult to religion based upon the actions of the artist. There were real demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq.

Compare this to the actions of our Moslem brethren. When the so called minority of devout Moslems seek to (at least we are told) twist the teachings of the Prophet into killing innocents, what does the majority do? And when the Prophet is insulted by a cartoon what happens?

Seems to me the Moslem masses are more insulted by a cartoonish parody then they are with the reality of the attacks of 9-11. In one case Moslems are energized to demonstrate, in the other they are energized to celebrate.

Young lady, Soumaya, you better look at the dirt in your backyard and quit trying to defend it. Your property is cluttered with garbage and the rest of us are going to describe what we see. If the Prophet was a man of peace then "the majority" better start proving this is so. Thus far it seems to me the majority, including you, are willing to defend the so called minority.

I have an open mind, I try my best not to be a bigot. When the level of objection to actions like the 9-11 attacks reaches the level of the fury over some stupid cartoons?

Until then I am going to continue to think that there is something wrong within the Moslem religion in that adherents will try to defend indefensible violence, that it is all too easy to twist the Prophets teachings to this violence, and the inaction of so-called peace loving Moslems speaks louder then words. Even when these words include words I had to look up in Merriam-Webster.


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