Free trade is OK if we balance the federal budget.

I am going to fess up. I am a free trader.

Before we give up on free trade, why don't we give it a serious try?

Let's throw out the "borrow and spend" politicians and put some real Americans in office. Throw out those who are willing to sell us out and put someone in office that has two brain cells in their head they can rub together to come up with something that at least mimics wisdom.

"Free trade" is not going to work as long as we have "borrow and spend" politicians at the wheel. As long as China can convert trade surpluses into "guaranteed" US Government Treasury Bills they need not recycle the excess dollars they receive into something that might create American jobs.

Did anyone else notice that during the Clinton administration, when the federal budget approached something near being balanced, the American economy took off? The economy flew so high that for awhile there it looked like we were faced with how we were going to pay off the deficit so quickly without delivering earthquakes to the economy!

Those who preach "free trade" while they vote in Congress "borrow and spend" are leading us to disaster. It is not "free trade" that is the culprit, it is the spendthrift ways of our members of Congress while they continue to cut taxes while they increase spending. They are going to make America into basket case. The same economic forces that visited upon Argentina and Brazil will one day come knocking at our door. That is if we continue to vote into office braindead politicians who will lead America into becoming a third world nation.

Think about it. China has a huge trade surplus. What does China do with the money? China buys US Treasury Bills that are offered because America has such a large federal deficit. If China was forced to spend the money elsewhere? They could either pile the money up in their back yards or buy something American.

"Free trade" is not going to work as long as America insists on conducting our government as if we are a "banana republic".


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