Just How Evil is Our Enemy?

Just how evil is our enemy?

(See here) an Aljazeera article that reports on the fate of four peacemakers.

It is not enough to believe in peace? Aljazeera reports upon them as being peace activists. Even peace activists are subject to being held hostage.

Even the peacemakers will be held hostage. They are not peacemakers? Go read what Aljazeeri reports them as being.

Even those who are most innocent amongst the Western world will be held captive and perhaps killed when unreasonable demands are not met. Even when we send forth the best of our society to represent us they will be held hostage.

Is it wrong to come to the conclusion that "our enemies" do not want peace when they hold our (according to Aljazeera) peacemakers hostage. Even when those who completely disagree with Dubyah and his ways are threatened with death?

Heh heh, if they are willing to kill the peacemakers, what hope do we have for some reasonable resolution with them? If they are willing to execute the most honorable of those who come from amongst us, what hope do the rest of us, who are less honorable, have?

Blessed be the peacemakers. When our enemies choose to execute those few who walk forward as peacemakers they only expose themselves for what they are.

God, Yahweh, Allah, please help us. We humans seem to be so evil we seem to be unable to escape the call of Satan.


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