Hamas Willing to Extend Cease Fire?

(See here) a Haaretz article that reports Hamas is willing to extend the calm provided Israel reciprocates.

At first blush I think this is fair enough while Hamas sorts out what they are going to do. But my question is, but what about Islamic Jihad? Will Palestine take action against Islamic Jihad if they fail to honor the "calm"? If Palestine fails to take action against members of their own society that defies Hamas intentions will action be taken against them? If Palestine fails to take action against them will Hamas (Palestine) retaliate if Israel takes action against Islamic Jihad?

Hamas wanted to be treated like the big boys. They ran in the election and won so now let them deal with the reality.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar said "We are going to change every aspect, as regards the economy, as regards industry, as regards agriculture, as regards social aid, as regards health, administration, education..."

Oh yeah, and just how is Hamas going to do all this while his country is racked by war? How is Palestine going to blossom under Hamas leadership under these circumstances?

Hamas needs to face reality. Israel is not going to let Palestine prosper on the domestic front while Palestine engages on war with Israel. Hamas can not have it both ways. Yassar Arafat was not able to make it work and Hamas is not going to be successful either. Hamas has to choose. Domestic progress is not going to be granted while they continue to engage in war. They are no longer the minority opposition, which makes impossible promises to the population, they now have the majority. Let's see them deliver on their promises.

And until the Palestinian government (Hamas) recognizes the right of Israel to exist let the Western World cut off aid to them. Let us see if Hamas can make Palestine blossom without any money.

I would counsel Fatah to remain outside the government while engaging in much needed reforms. Unless Hamas wakes up they are going to fall flat on their face and the Palestinian people are going to need an alternative to turn to.


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