Link addition and subtraction

I have added a new link to my blog.

For anyone who wishes to follow it, I think you might find Jake's "zenlunatique" interesting, I did. I hope he keeps at it.

With regrets I am deleting Boris's "Pyramid" from my list of links. Boris has been inactive for the past several months. The only thing he has posted within that time was eulogies to a couple of people who he felt dear. I guess Boris is busy with other things in life, and we can all understand how that can happen. Shortly before Boris became inactive on the web he became active actually doing something. He went down and involved himself in helping the victims of hurricane Katrina. I hope his lack of involvement on the internet is only because his hands are too busy applying a shovel to tap a keyboard. I am going to keep his blog bookmarked and if I see signs of activity I am going to link him again. I hope his inactivity is not due to his having given up or something. Boris was (is?) a reasonable mind trying to speak out. I valued what he had to say even when I disagreed with him.


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