Pat Robertson on Sharon's Stroke

(See here) as Pat Robertson weighs in on not just Sharon's stroke but also on the assassination of Rabin. According to Pat, you can blame God.

Let's see, it is not confessed assassin, Yigal Amir who, exercising free choice, pulled the trigger who is responsible for Rabin's death, God did it. So Pat, does that mean God is responsible every time some lunatic or depraved soul uses a firearm to kill some one?

Let's see, Pat, in your opinion it is not "normal" for a 77 year old man, who is overweight, to suffer a stroke. You see the hand of God in this. So then what happens when a toddler comes down with leukemia or some other disease? Is God's hand involved in that too? I mean if God "caused" (not just "allowed") Sharon's stroke is God then to blame for all the rest of human suffering? Does that mean that I can blame God if I come down with lung cancer even though I smoke?

I wonder what Pat made of the space shuttle Columbia disaster then? Think of it, first Israeli astronaut in space onboard an American space shuttle? The debris field from the doomed shuttle centered around the town of Palestine, Texas? Could God have been involved? Could God have been trying to send us a sign that he is displeased with what America and Israel have been up to over there in the Middle East?

Of course even if Pat Robertson thought the Columbia disaster was a sign from God, he would just think it was a warning to America and Israel not to "divide his land". Sigh.


Blogger Michael said...

Pat Robertson is a religious fundamentalist.

I'm sure he means well but that doesn't stop him from having views which are completely incompatible with a civil society. I'm sure that his comments make perfect sense to him and his more "devout" followers.

Michael Tam

1/09/2006 06:52:00 PM  

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