Charley Reese on our War in Iraq

(See here) as Charley Reese pontificates on the war in Iraq.

I was motivated to point to Charley's most recent column out of a sense of fairness. I have pointed out when I disagree with him and I wanted to show an example of when I pretty much agree with him and show why I like reading his column.

It is not that I agree with everything in this column. For example I think he is going a little overboard when he states there are no positives to the War in Iraq. What would I point to as a positive? While it might be meager, how about we are no longer forced to put up with Saddam firing on our aircraft with relative impunity while they enforce the UN mandated "no fly zones"?

We could also progress into an analysis of whether or not a positive outcome might yet be achievable with what Iraq uses her oil profits for if she ever manages to export as much oil that would be needed to meet world demand. Sooner or later Saddam was going to be successful in getting the world to drop sanctions on his regime, and what would he have used the profits for as he expanded oil production? Will the new government, if they ever manage to increase exports, use the profits for something the world would find more acceptable? Only time will tell, but the potential is there.

However all-in-all I agree with Charley that the negatives far outweigh the positives. I agree that our invasion of Iraq was a mistake.

Please do not be fooled into thinking Charley is a Libertarian just because his column appears on Lew Rockwell's web site. Last time I heard Charley currently describes himself as a conservative Democrat (he flirted with being a Republican for awhile).


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