Why I am not a Libertarian - revisited

Why I am not a Libertarian - revisited.

(See here) the official positions of the Libertarian Party.

Amongst these positions please note the Libertarian Party stands against Social Security and in favor of unrestricted drug traffic. Go read it for yourself.

This is amongst the reasons I am not a Libertarian. While I am still a raging Independent, I would rather be a Republican then a Libertarian.

While I would be ashamed of calling myself a Republican in public, I would be afraid that if I called myself a Libertarian "they" might try to lock me up in some psych ward to give me a chance to think about it.

The Libertarian "official" policies seemed designed to appeal to the most fringe elements of our society.


Blogger smilerz said...

Unfortunately, the Libertarian party is home to a lot of fringe thinkers, however there are some very good reasons to oppose Social Security and to support an end to the drug porhibition. The LP does an abhorrent job of supporting those points of view.

12/30/2005 12:38:00 AM  
Blogger Little David said...

Well I (and I think a majority of Americans) support Social Security. While Social Security has some problems, my understanding is that even without any changes, it should be able to pay 70% of promised benefits.

I do not support legalizing drugs. I do not want society to send the signal that it is OK to be a heroin addict.

12/30/2005 06:04:00 AM  

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