Hamas cease fire to end with the new year

Happy New Year.

(See here) where Hamas is going to ring in the New Year with a resumption of violence.

Hamas condemns Israel for doing what Israel does during the "cease fire". Problem is that Islamic Jihad has not observed the cease fire and neither Hamas nor the Palestinian Authority have taken effective action to ensure the cease fire was observed. The only "authority" that seems to be able to take action against the VIOLATIONS have been the Israelis, and then they receive condemnation for taking action!

It seems even Hamas is incapable of providing leadership. Even when majority Palestinian leadership, as represented by both Fatah and Hamas, agrees to a cease fire the cease fire can not be adhered to. Islamic Jihad feels empowered to continue to rain down Qassams on Israel because no one in Hamas or Fatah dares to take action against them.

But, to be fair, let us then take a look at "our" side. Meanwhile, during the "cease fire" the settlements continue to expand.

It is wrong for us to point at the "other side" and all they must do while we fail to even take the most modest of steps toward peace. Is Israel justified in retribution for that which Islamic Jihad does? In my opinion yes. However Israel is NOT justified in continuing to expand the ILLEGAL settlements in the face of a CEASE FIRE.

You know what gets me? It is when those that call themselves leaders have the gaul to stand in front of a TV camera and spout their bullshit when they probably could not look themselves in the eye and tell it to themselves in front of a mirror. Can they look themselves in the eye and say they speak the truth?


Blogger Little David said...

I should have included this as the closing line.

"If they can, then they will know what it looks like to stare evil in the face."

12/30/2005 05:27:00 PM  

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