Charley Reese on Global Warming

Charley Reese weighs in on Global Warming (see here).

As much as I like reading some of what Charley Reese thinks, I think he has exposed himself as being a little bit selfish.

Before I go into the selfish aspect, let me take on his opening paragraph: "Global warming means it will get hotter or colder, drier or wetter, stormier or calmer. One of the people at a recent conference on global warming made just such an asinine statement. Talk about covering your bases – if we have weather, it's because of global warming."

Charley, what the person who made that statement was saying is that there is going to be global climate change due to global warming. Some areas of the planet are going to see increased rainfall, perhaps too much rainfall; some areas are going to see less rainfall, perhaps droughts etc etc. The only thing for certain is that there is going to be change. The oceans water temperatures, which greatly affect weather patterns, are going to rise. One only need look at the weather phenomenon known as El Nino to see how this can happen.

What gets me is that I consider Charley to be an intelligent and discerning individual. I would expect him to find out what the majority of the experts have to say about the subject and take the evidence that they present into consideration.

So why does Charley say we should not fret about global warming? Or why does he say he doesn't care about it? He states: "I personally don't care one way or the other. If the planet wants to get warmer, it's OK with me. It's OK with me, though slightly less OK, if the planet wants to get colder. As for hurricanes, droughts, floods, blizzards and such stuff, we have all that anyway, always have had them and presumably always will. As for projected catastrophes 100 years out based on guesses that are based on guesses, I couldn't care less."

Perhaps he does understand about the threats of global warming. He just couldn't care less. As long as the really bad stuff does not happen during his lifetime he is not going to lose any sleep over it. From the sounds of it, he does not have any children, at least I sure hope he does not. If he does not have any children he is just being selfish. If he has children he does not have a conscience.

Sorry Charley (to quote an old TV commercial) but some of us people do care about what kind of world we are leaving for our children. If you couldn't care less, fine. But please do not condemn those of us who do have a conscience and who are worried about the fate of mankind.

Please join me in saying a prayer for Charley Reese's cold, cold heart. Perhaps global warming will warm up his heart a little bit?


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