Hamas hypocrisy

Hamas hypocrisy. (See here) this Haaretz article that reports on this.

The "cease fire" is now at an end? The suicide bombings from Hamas are going to start up again? Israel is expected to allow political leaders to openly campaign for the destruction of Israel while the political leader's warriors blow themselves up within Israel?

If this happens is it wrong for Israel to strike out against those who within Palestine who call for driving the Jews into the sea? Somehow they are expected to show restraint and only act against those who strap the bomb itself to their waists while holding harmless those who politically call for the suicide bomber to take action?

Look, I am only looking at the polls. Proof (from the polls) seems to indicate that the Israelis are more willing to accept a peaceful resolution then the Palestinian side. Even the "war monger" Arik Sharon campaigns on adherence to the Roadmap. Just how many members of Hamas campaign for office while stating the same?

Of course Fatah might not be much better. While Fatah leadership (like Abbas) speak peace the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (also part of Fatah) strikes out.

But in being fair, let us look at "our side". While the Sharon government of Israel speaks peace, and actually withdraws from Gaza, they allow the settlements within the West Bank to expand.

BOTH SIDES seem to offer peace with the left hand while they engage in war with the right.

It is going to take "adult supervision" to help resolve this conflict. Who wants to be an adult?


Blogger Michael said...

As you have succinctly illustrated, both sides are hypocrites, both sides are "right" and both sides are "wrong".

Hamas and its suicides bombings are wrong, but so are the "extrajudicial" measures used by Israel (i.e., targeted executions).

Who wants to be the adult? No one. We will just have to wait for both sides to "grow up"...

Michael Tam

1/05/2006 05:00:00 AM  
Blogger Little David said...

Well, I am rather torn by the targeted assassinations.

I look at what my own nation does in Pakistan against Al Qaeda members with Predator drones. The Al Qaeda leaders targeted hide in remote locations (and amongst the civilian populace) where even the Pakistani military can not freely go. The US has conducted targeted assassinations in Yemen under similiar circumstances.

Were these Al Qaeda leaders tried in court before they were executed? No they were not. But the victims of terrorist attacks orchestrated by Al Qaeda were not given their day in court either.

It would be at least a little hypocritical of me to claim it is OK for the US to conduct such action but deny this same right to Israel.

Also, are judicial procedures even necessary by Israel? Couldn't their actions be considered to be a military action against leaders of the other side? Hamas and Islamic Jihad try to paint their actions as legitimate insurrection against the occupation after all. If Israel tried to make ground military incursions to arrest the leadership they would apt to be met with determined opposition which could result in even more civilian casualties as in Jenin.

I feel Israel does have the right to retaliate against suicide bombings and missile attacks. It is better for Israel to at least try to attack leaders of groups who publicly take credit for the attacks instead of indiscriminately launching attacks against the populace.

1/09/2006 09:10:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

I do not agree with the military line of thought.

Would it be "okay" for the US military to launch a missile attack on a suspected drug boss' car in the suburbia of Los Angeles?

Assassinations are assassinations. They are extrajudicial by definition. I do not expect my government and certainly the governments of Western democracies to fall to the level of criminals or "terrorists".

Michael Tam

1/11/2006 02:39:00 AM  

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