Libertarians are such an easy target

Libertarians are such an easy target. (See here) an article by Chuck George where he states Libertarians (while he claims they are not Libertines) are in favor of legalized prostitution.

Chuck seems to argue prostitution should be legal because it is between consenting adults. OK Chuck, so then what are we going to do to protect the public health? Do not tell me you are unaware of how ILLEGAL prostitution is responsible for spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Currently modern medicine can cure most of those who come up with STDs, however more and more of these diseases are starting to display immunity to all but a few antibiotics. It is only a matter of time before they become resistant to them as well.

Drug manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to come up with new "wonder" antibiotics. Diseases are developing resistance to existing drugs faster then new ones come out of the pipeline. Sexually transmitted diseases are going to become a public health threat even without legalized prostitution.

There are no victims of prostitution? Let's say Dad stops at the local legal brothel on his way home from work. Unfortunately for him, the "customer" before him had a drug resistant sexually transmitted disease, and now he has it. So Dad continues on home and passes on the disease to Mom. Mom has never fooled around and she never agreed to allow Dad to visit the brothel. Could she be classified as a "victim"?

Rather then contemplating whether or not society should be legalizing prostitution society should be contemplating the time when harsh penalties might have to be resurrected for simple "adultery" in order to protect the public health.

Chuck compares modern Libertarians to some of our Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson. Does that mean he thinks Thomas Jefferson was in favor of legalized prostitution?

As I said, them Libertarians are such an easy target. Good thing for the majority of us that they can attract such few votes come election time. Notice I did not even touch on the threat of HIV, and the Libertarians do not seem to have a plan for dealing with that public health threat either. Damn bunch of fools.


Blogger Michael said...

One of the interesting effects of legalising prostitution (insofar as "legal brothels") is that it takes it out of the shadows. That is, it becomes a "business".

Sex workers can (and do) demand a certain amount of workplace safety (i.e., only safer sex practices as well as mandated sexual health screening).

That is, from a public health perspective, it is BETTER to legalise brothels and "bring them up to code" rather than shutting them down simply as "where there is demand, there is always supply".

I'm not saying that there isn't an argument against legalising prostitution and brothels. However, your reasoning on health grounds is very faulty (and proven false in countries where brothels are legal).

Michael Tam

1/04/2006 03:56:00 AM  
Blogger Little David said...

So I guess my reasoning is proven faulty in countries such as Thailand then? (I am not sure if the sex trade is "officially legal" in Thailand, but if it isn't it might as well be.)

The sex trade in Thailand does not encourage the spread of sexually transmitted diseases? That is not what I have heard.

1/04/2006 06:16:00 AM  

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