Judge Alito to be confirmed?

(See here) a Washington Post article that seems to point to confirmation of Judge Alito to become a Supreme Court Justice.

What particularly draws my interest is the comments from White House spokesman Stephen Schmidt: "Democrats have repeatedly twisted and distorted Judge Alito's positions to the point where they are unrecognizable... Democrats' relentless politicization of a process that has traditionally been above partisan politics is disappointing." What would happen if we took the above quote, removed Alito from it and inserted Harriet Miers? Then let us go further and remove Democrats and insert Republicans. Would the quote not then hold true for the previous Dubyah nomination for the seat?

As for me I hope the Democrats filibuster the Alito nomination, I am that worried about it. The filibuster might not be successful, but it should be attempted anyway. What is the purpose of drawing a line in the sand if you only draw it after your enemy's entire army has already crossed over it?

As shown by the recent "Death With Dignity" supreme court decision, the right wing extremists already hold 3 of 9 Supreme Court seats. With the approval of Alito they will hold 4 of 9. We will be dangerously flirting with the edge of the precipice. I do not want to see us pushing the Supreme Court over the right wing extremist cliff. Judge Alito becoming Justice Alito brings us just one step closer to the edge.


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