As Much As I Love Jimmy Carter

As much as I Love Jimmy Carter, I have to disagree with his current stated leadership when it comes to Palestine. (See here) a JPost article that reports on it.

I am sorry Jimmy, the Palestinian people voted for a continuation of violence. The government they elected must be forced to deal with how they will both prosper their people while they turn their back on peace. Any government based on the repugnant Hamas charter should not receive even a half penny of support.

Do we starve the Palestinians out? Nope. However every sack of wheat that makes it way into Palestine should be adorned with at least an American flag (or an EU flag if it comes from the EU) if not the Star of David.

We can pour humanitarian assistance in to keep them from starving while holding back on any assistance that will allow them to prosper. If the Palestinian people want prosperity it will not be found by adopting the Hamas Charter as their constitution. That way leads to misery and the world should ensure that their lives are miserable while they vote that way. Perhaps we should continue to provide the Palestinians with subsistence food, however nothing says we must allow them to become fat off of what we provide.


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