Dubyah on Global Warming

This is a little late, but I have been on the road since Dubyah's State of the Union address, so I will address it now that I have the chance.

Dubyah spoke of many things in his State of the Union Address, not all of which I agreed with, but he spoke of one thing that set me back on my heels and this was his Advanced Energy Initiative.

While Bush spoke of America being "addicted to oil" (a phrase I myself had previously used) I noticed that he spoke not just of relieving our dependence on foreign oil. He also spoke about furthering other alternative energy sources that had nothing to do with oil. He spoke of alternative and renewable energy sources for electricity that have everything to do with combating global warming and little to do with foreign oil since little of America's electricity needs are met from oil.

Damn it, this is a start. One of the reasons I voted for Kerry over Dubyah was I never, ever, thought such words would pass through Dubyah's lips. What Dubyah is proposing, in addition to alternative energy sources for electricity, is reducing America's dependence on imported oil by 75% within 25 years. Me? I do not think that gets us far enough, fast enough, but at least this will get us out of the starting gate. What did the Clinton administration (with Al Gore doing our negotiating for us) get us other then an unapproved Kyoto Protocol proposal that would do NOTHING to end global warming?

George Dubyah Bush, the Big Oil man's man, has proposed a substantial, some might even call it an ambitious, effort towards solving global warming. While I am not an expert, I would imagine that his proposal would take us far beyond meeting the requirements of Al Gores Kyoto Protocol.

Will Democrats sign on to the Dubyah leadership? I too think what he proposes is not enough, but Democratic leadership has been getting us nowhere in this area and if it takes a Republican to get us started I am going to sign up. If Democrats stand in the way of progress I am going to do my best to hold them accountable.

Dubyah has proven he can talk the talk. Let's see if he can walk the walk. Let's hold his feet to the fire on this one. Let the majority of Democrats support him and force him to only convince a minority of Republicans that this path is the path that is good for America and good for mankind. If Democrats cause Dubyah to fail in this effort to lead, while he is trying to lead towards what Democrats supposedly want, what is a guy like me supposed to think?

George Dubyah Bush, the "Big Oil" man has tacked his boat towards us. I propose we fill his sails with wind.


Blogger Forty_Two said...

I still like his comment about humans and fish coexisting peacefully.

3/05/2006 09:57:00 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Unfortunately, one has to read between the lines.

Surprisingly enough, the US doesn't rely overly much on imported oil - though it is still a burden: especially when considering that this oil is often from unstable regions.

Much of US oil is from domestic sources and Bush's position basically benefits the domestic US oil producers (i.e., Bush's Texan buddies). The cynical view is that Bush's environmentalism only goes as far as it doesn't hurt the domestic energy industry.

Nevertheless, policies that reduce the use of fossil fuels are still a good thing.

Michael Tam

4/07/2006 04:00:00 AM  

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