Damn Environmentalists

Damn environmentalists. Once again the environmentalists are standing in the way of steps towards solving global warming. They are all too eager to point out we have a problem, but when somebody actually tries to take steps to help solve the problem they often seem to be the first ones to stand up and try to throw up roadblocks against progress.

(See here) a Washington Times article that discusses Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy's opposition to electricity generating windmills off the coast of his state. Senator Kennedy is supposed to be a staunch environmentalist. But in my opinion he is only staunch when it comes to preaching about the problem. When it comes time to actually DO SOMETHING about the problem he objects.

You know what gets me? Texas, a "big oil", red state, is amongst the leaders when it comes to wind generated electricity. When Senator Kennedy's "concerned about the environment" blue state is asked to help with the effort Senator Kennedy comes up with BULLSHIT reasons to put a stop to it. Please note that Senator Kennedy proposes windmills must be 1.5 nautical miles from shipping channels while it is common for OIL RIGS to be allowed within 500 feet of shipping channels. Well I have some experience in navigating ships in shipping channels, I was never in command, but I was able to observe and even participate first hand. In my opinion, if it is OK for an oil rig to be a navigational hazard it is OK for something that is global warming friendly to be a navigational hazard. Any pilot of a ship that can not avoid a known, stationary hazard needs to find another job for a living.

Could there be incidents involving the windmills? Yeah, I guess there could, but as shown by the Exxon Valdez, incompetent ships' Captains and pilots need not have a man made obstacle around for them to run into. If they are that incompetent they will find some shoal to run aground on.

If nothing else, perhaps Senator Kennedy will prove he really is concerned about safe shipping. Perhaps he will suggest we move the windmills closer to the beach. After all, if we put them in 10 feet of water right off the beach of his mansion any shipping will run aground before it even comes close to running into the windmill. Your choice Senator Kennedy, we move them closer to the shore line so as not to hazard shipping or we keep them at the proposed distance and you accept that the risk is reasonable.

What is not acceptable is that a "staunch environmentalist" stands in the way of solutions to the threat of global warming. Your state, Massachusetts, is way behind the ball when it comes to helping solve this problem. The Nantucket Sound possesses the winds necessary to support windmill electrical generation. Massachusetts, too, needs to make the sacrifices necessary if we are going to be victorious.

Senator Kennedy, please stop being a hypocrite.


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