Abortion again

The subject of abortion, again.

Recently I heard it described on NPR that there was no other issue that divided moderates like the abortion issue. So I am going to take one more (and this will not be the last) attempt to heal the divide.

I stumbled upon this site while I was traversing the web (see here). This site helps to expose the truth behind the abortion debate.

What have we wrought? Even women who "know it is wrong" have abortions out of convenience, and as a result condemn themselves for the rest of their lives for having done so.

What is wrong with abortion? Go ask the women who undergo the procedure. When you sample the opinions, please be sure to sample "normal" women and not just only the opinions of the caustically pro-feminine group. Please be sure to include the opinions of the "average" women.

My own opinion is that the "average" woman wants the availability of an abortion "in her case". However I think the average woman would be willing to live with reasonable constraints on her "right to choose". What am I proposing? I propose that we allow abortions up till, and not past, the point the thing that is growing within the woman has a "mind of its own". Up till then we should all agree the woman has the right to remove this unwanted growth from her body as much as she might want a cyst surgically removed from her body. But once she has allowed this growth to continue to the point where it has progressed to the point it has "a mind of its own" the woman loses the right to choose.

Thus far, in my own opinion, I think a woman is protected up till the end of the first trimester. You can not even get those educated in the medical field to honestly consider when the fetus "has a mind of its own" because they seem to be more worried about allowing the woman to have the time it takes to discover if the fetus has a problem, after it has developed a mind of its own, that would cause a woman to abort the pregnancy.

Well, damn it, if them Doctor's want to offer them women the right to terminate an undesirable pregnancy they better sharpen their tests. Once the synapses within the cerebrum start firing we have a new human being. I am not willing to kill those who "fall short" outside the womb and I am unwilling to kill those who "fall short" within the womb after they have developed a "mind of their own".

ALL OF US, or at least the vast majority of us, are going to have to come to a conclusion on this matter. Even us men are going to have to agree to something reasonable or see our wives subjecting themselves to back alley procedures that endanger their lives.

But where do we draw the line? Even if we draw the line, some women (and men) will feel the need to cross it. Even though we all understand the common description of "murder" some people murder none the less. But society has come up with limits when it is "OK" to kill without it being described as murder. It is OK to kill in self defense for example.

So when is abortion OK? It is OK until that which is growing in the woman develops a mind of its own. Prior to that the woman should have the right to remove the unwanted growth as if she would remove the growth of a cyst. But once she has allowed the growth to continue to the point the growth develops a mind of its own? Well then we have two people to worry about, and if the woman no longer worries about what is good for the second individual, then society has the right to do her worrying for her.

I guess I am "Pro Choice", that is as long as the woman is forced to exercise her choice early.


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