More on Terry Schiavo

I've been rethinking the Terry Schiavo situation. If I had been Terry's husband, what would I have done? Or if I had been Terry, and my spouse was in Terry's husband's shoes, what would I want her to do?

Could it have been possible to turn this tragic situation into something good? After all, Terry was not in any real physical pain. If I had been Terry, under what circumstances would I be willing to linger on and wait with going to meet my maker? If there had been circumstances that I could not have envisioned, as I would imagine Terry never envisioned what happened with her case?

Think of the potential good that could be done. You can't buy that kind of publicity. Some wealthy soul volunteered to donate a million bucks towards Terry's long term health care if Terry's husband agreed to allow Terry's parents to become responsible for her. Now that would not have changed my own opinion about my own situation, however would there be the potential for something even more?

I would hope my spouse would take advantage of the situation, and think big. If I had been Terry and my spouse was the one making the decision I would have wanted her to hold a press conference and announce: "While I am certain my husband would not want to linger on for no good reason, if some good could come of it, he would agree to continuing to live on. My husband would feel medical resources were being wasted on him, however if he were provided with sufficient motivation, he would agree to the expenditure of these resources if it were for good reason. I am proposing that a trust fund be set up in my husband's name. If donations for this trust fund reach 10 million dollars, I will agree to signing over responsibility for my husband's care over to his parents. Money from this trust fund will be used to pay for medical care for young infants who suffer from life threatening diseases but who's parents lack healthcare coverage and resources to pay for their medical treatment."

I think my wife knows me well enough to know that I would pat her on the back if she used all the publicity for some greater good. I would be willing to wait with going to heaven if it were for a good reason. Helping the unfortunate would be good enough reason for me. Of course I would also expect her to divorce me and get on with her life.


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