Shock and Awe from the Iranians

Shock and awe from the Iranians.

Dubyah has proposed referring the issue of Iranian nuclear enrichment to the UN Security Council. Iran has promised that the US (and thus the rest of the world) will "feel the pain" if this happens.

Where is the truth? Truth is that the pain will be felt by both sides. Iran is dependent on the income from the outflow of oil. The western world is also dependent on this continuing flow. Which side is going to blink? Which side can live longest with the problems that will be created by drawing this issue to a head?

Each side is dependent upon the other. The Iranians are banking upon the fact that their society will be able to outlive opposition because they will be able to maintain order and remain in power even if the western world takes action. If the western world tries to fine tune economic sanctions so that oil continues to flow they can play their trump card and cut off the flow of oil.

Will the western world be willing to beat them at their game? By this I mean cut off the outflow of oil? They are threatening to cut it off if we do not bow to them. Are we willing to live without their oil, and even cut the flow off, if they do not become reasonable?

This is the dance we are doing up there on the dance floor. One partner on the dance floor daring the their partner to blink while the dance is underway. Is the Iranian economy more dependent on the infusion of money from oil exports then the western economy is dependent upon the continuing supply of Iranian oil?

Can the Iranians strangle us by tightening the noose of the already tight worldwide oil supply?

Seems to me the Iranians are better prepared for this struggle then the western world is. While the Iranians might be prepared to deal with the hardship that they have dealt with in their recent past, I am left wondering just how ready the western world is to deal with the reality of where Dubyah is leading us?

Which side is going to blink first? Which group of people are going to be willing to make the sacrifices because the sacrifices are worth it and which are going to demand change first?

I would hope "my side" comes up with the leadership that could explain that if we are going to win during this struggle we might have to be willing to sacrifice, but I am not going to hold my breath.

We are headed for a real confrontation, and which side is going to blink first?


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