Jimmy Carter Speaks About Middle East Peace

Jimmy Carter speaks about Middle East peace. (See here) this transcript of a speech he delivered that comes from his Carter Center website.

While I too can find fault with some of what he says, let us look at what he states as a whole. Can anyone find fault with his expertise on this issue? This man was once President of the United States. I think his opinion matters. For anyone who feels they will be corrupted by this "damn liberal" viewpoint, let me point out that he also points to pronouncements from that most respected of conservatives, Ronald Reagan.

I wish that peace was as possible if we only followed the lead of Jimmy Carter. I fully appreciate his opinion, and would wish that his opinion is correct. I guess I could take the easy shot and say if peace was that easy to achieve, well why didn't he achieve it during the four year opportunity he had? But if I am truthful with myself and with Jimmy's legacy I have to admit that when it comes to the Middle East, the Jimmy legacy ain't that bad. His leadership has provided more peace then that which would have been possible without his leadership. Strong acknowledgements also go to the involvement of Sadat and Begin to where we are now. But from an American perspective, I am going to point to he who led my nation at the time, and that man was Jimmy Carter.

No one can dispute the efforts of Jimmy Carter. Can anyone dispute that since Jimmy Carter's days we have yet to see Egyptian tanks poised to invade Israel? I am not saying everything this man states is indisputable. I am only saying the opinion of this elder statesman is worthy of consideration.

While Jimmy Carter was in office, when it comes to Middle East peace, America, and the world, achieved more progress in this area of the world that that which has been achieved by all other American administrations, combined, since.

The opinion of Jimmy Carter might not be coming from God. His stated opinion might be open to honest debate, but please do not dismiss his opinion out of hand.

When it comes to Middle East peace, out of the mouth of Jimmy Carter we're hearing the expressions of an expert.

I pray that Jimmy Carter continues to enjoy the health with which he has thus far been blessed. And I hope he continues to be motivated to share his opinion with us.


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