Cindy Sheehan Arrested

Cindy Sheehan was arrested as she staged another protest. (See here) a Concord Monitor article that reports on this.

Cindy is making getting arrested quite a regular event. Please note that this time the article reports Cindy was invited inside to talk and deliver the petition she was carrying but she refused. Seems most of her entourage was not going to be allowed inside with her, leaving all the reporters standing on the outside, so Cindy was not going to have any of that. I guess that would have meant her demonstration would have ended with a fizzle and she wanted fireworks. Her party set themselves to blockading the entrance to the US Mission, so authorities gave her the fireworks she wanted and she was arrested.

So why is it that Cindy's movement gathers so little traction? Do you think that perhaps visions of an anti-war, Cindy Sheehan led, explosion being ignited dances in her head? Something akin to the great anti-war movement of the 60's and 70's? With Dubyah's approval rating sinking, and opposition to the war rising, why is this apt to not happen?

Seems to me all those serving in Iraq are volunteers, not a single one of them was drafted. Even Cindy's own son, by his own choice, raised his right hand. No Americans have to head for Canada in order to not be drafted. If you do not want to serve over there then just do not volunteer.

Back during the first Gulf War, under Dubyah's Daddy, there were some cases of reservists being called up who "Never imagined I would be called up to active duty, and this is just so horrible." But this time around even the reservists should have been fully aware they were subject to being activated, and yes it does happen.

Perhaps there were some already serving who never intended to serve in combat, or those who wouldn't mind combat but who just disagreed with this particular war. I myself spent almost 21 years in the service, not all of them with a Commander-In-Chief that I voted for. However as I remember it, the oath I gave was to obey those in charge of me whether I voted for them or not. The first Gulf War did not happen so far back in history that anyone who did not want to actually serve in combat did not have the opportunity to serve out their time and get out of the service.

So for me, anyway, as much as I respect Cindy Sheehan, and as much as I support her right to demonstrate against a war she disagrees with, well... her actions are starting to wear a little thin. As much as she may have disagreed with her son's action, her son volunteered. The time for her to act was before her son did so. Her son was not drafted, he willingly raised his right hand, no one put a gun to his head.

So Cindy, I mourn the loss of your child as much as I mourn all those who have lost their life while serving their nation. I think I understand your feelings on the war, however I do not think your son completely shared your position. After all, your adult son did volunteer. If he had shared your viewpoint, I doubt he would have been caught anywhere near a recruiter's office.

I wonder what Casey Sheehan would make of the political impact his mother is trying to make using his death? I wonder, if he were able, would he be writing her E-mail notes of support and encouragement or would he be politely and respectfully asking her to knock it off? Perhaps he would have tried a moderate approach, something along the lines of "Mom, I respect your right to freedom of speech. You have as much right to speak out as every other American, but Mom, please, 'Not in My Name'."


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