Competing With Hillary in 2008

Competing with Hillary in 2008. (See here) a Washington Post article written byThomas B. Edsall and Chris Cillizza that discusses Hillary's extreme fund raising ability and the impact on the 2008 Presidential election.

My own input on this subject is: Hillary can raise record amounts of money? So what? Hillary could raise a couple billion bucks and it is going to have little to no impact on whether or not she gets elected. Hillary is so well known, and people already have such ingrained opinions of her, that even if she was to swamp the airwaves with campaign commercials, these commercials would do little to increase her chances of winning. Hillary with a billion to spend stands little more chance of getting elected then Hillary with only a dollar in her pocket, she is that well known.

Truth is that Hillary was not even able to walk into her desired Senate seat from dark blue New York state. She had to engage in a rather competitive race even there to get elected. Hillary can pretty much lock up the dark blue states by just announcing her candidacy. However all the money in the world is not going to make her competitive in red states, and as long as the Republicans do not get ridiculous with who they nominate, that money is not going to help her in the light red ones either.

Using a deluge of campaign commercials to pound in a message that the majority of people reject is not going to be effective. It will only motivate those who reject the message to go vote come election day.


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