Alternative Fuel Subsidies

Exxon Mobil objects to subsidies of alternative fuels. (See here) the Australian Financial Review article that reports upon this.

Seems Exxon Mobil has trouble figuring out how to compete with existing tax incentives. Rather then investing in alternative fuels, taking advantage of the tax incentives, and helping us get over that which the President of the United States describes as our "addiction to oil", they seem to be motivated to keep us addicted.

It is not as if crude oil is the energy of the future. Even without the threat of global warming becoming ever abundantly clearer, the future of our dependence on oil is evident for anyone who chooses to google "peak oil". But where does Exxon Oil put their profits? They invest in the past instead of looking into the future and investing for their future profits in the world that will come.

Instead of facing reality and seeking future profit potentials, they seek to do their best to drain as much profit from the bladder before the bladder runs dry. They are like a leech that has attached itself to a body. As long as the body lives the leech has an endless supply of blood. But if the leech has the unfortune to attach itself to a cancerous body that is set to expire?

Heh heh, some Exxon stock holders need to slap the leadership that guides their corporation. These leaders do not need a crystal ball, all they really need is a clear set of eyeglasses. The future is clear, and Exxon is getting ready to expend money on how they wish things could be, and ignoring the future that is going to happen.

Exxon is not part of the solution, Exxon is part of the problem. Let's put a windfall profits tax on them as they try to milk the profits from an ever decreasing market. If Exxon refuses to invest for the future, perhaps we can come up with a way to invest for the future like they refuse to do.

I do not have a whole lot of faith in getting the government doing anything wise, however if we can tax Exxon while giving subsidies to Exxon's competitors in the alternative energy market, we might achieve the balance.

If Exxon can not figure out how to be America's energy company, then we just need to figure out a way to replace Exxon.


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