Worthless Military Awards

(See here) this Newsweek article that describes the commendable efforts of a humanitarian to make the world a better place.

But what gets me is the trumpet of:
He left a desk job for the front lines of Fallujah—and a horror show few doctors
ever see. How Richard Jadick earned his Bronze Star.

Don't these guys realize that military awards are now worthless? The Republican party has been successful in thoroughly discrediting the little bits of ribbon we hang on our warriors chests. John Kerry served in Vietnam, and earned some of these little bits of ribbon, however somehow Republicans were successful in throwing these awards into the dustbin while honoring Dubyah's service. How many pieces of ribbon did Dubyah have to point towards?

Military awards do not mean anything. Republicans have been successful in dragging military awards through the meat grinder. Even someone who has served in Iraq and won the Purple Heart really has nothing to point towards. You can thank Karl Rove and the Republicans for that. Military awards no longer mean shit.

Go ask Dubyah.


Blogger Boris Epstein said...


The awards may not mean shit but valor and heroism still are what they have always been. On a slightly different note, we may be fighting immoral wars but people who act heroically in the front lines are still heroes, Karl Rove and the rest of that crown notwithstanding.


3/28/2006 12:08:00 PM  

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