Electricity From Windmills

Windmill electricity generation is again in the news. (See here) a New York Times article that reports on new windmills within upstate New York.

First the good news. Environmentalist leaders are speaking about this development from a positive perspective. They are not trying to cut the efforts by pointing out the threat to migrating birds and saying we have to come up with another solution (such as we must all become Amish while "they" continue to enjoy air conditioning and do not join the Amish).

Second the bad news. I am rather wide traveled. I have noticed with interest, OK, OK, downright glee, the expansion of windmills to wide areas of our nation. Every time I see another oversized truck headed down the road with an overlength windmill propeller I have smiled and attempted to give him all the room he needs because putting up with these oversized loads is part of the cost of solving America's future energy needs. But even proponents of windmills point out this is going to do little to dent our energy needs. (See here) a proponent site that claims:
Today, wind produces a small percentage of our nation's electricity. But
some believe wind power can produce up to 6 percent of our electricity needs
by 2020.

All this effort yields only 6 percent? Not just all the progress we have made, but the expansion that is to come only yields a paltry 6 percent? I guess we are going to have to expand our efforts.

Another positive development is that while Dubyah only spoke of, as a goal, ending our dependence on foreign oil, he spoke of many energy developments that have nothing to do with oil. Little American electricity is generated from oil anymore. What Dubyah included in his State of the Union Address, while it did sound the bugle on ending the dependence on foreign oil, also sounded the horn for starting progress on turning back global climate change. Even Dubyah, the big business, pro big oil, man was willing to look reality in the face and attempt to lead us to change. Apparently America might be willing to follow Dubyah's lead and make real progress. Proof is in what is already going on with little effort being made.

Just imagine what could be accomplished if we really set our minds to it!


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