Government Conspiracy Behind 9-11?

(See here) Boris Epstein's piece that discusses a possible government conspiracy behind 9-11.

Personally, I think the conspiracy proponents are a little unrealistic. I think they have too much confidence in the competence of our government to pull off what they propose. Every time our government tries to do something (like respond to Katrina) they show vast incompetence, but on 9-11, they had this spectacular evil plan and everyone performed his part of this conspiracy without any failures.

Could what the conspiracy theory advocates put forth as fact happened? Yeah, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. But in order for what they propose to have really happened, everyone involved would have almost had to be super human. Personally I do not think our government is as capable to pull it off as the conspiracy theorists try to make us believe.

Our government is so incompetent that sometimes I wonder how these people even figure out how to tie their shoes in the morning. But on 9-11 they were perfect. Yeah right.

But we need to keep an open mind. Boris does a good job of exploring the issue, but I still think the conspiracy theorists have a screw loose.


Blogger Michael said...


If the US government could operate a conspiracy with such precision, Saddam, Iran, North Korea wouldn't be a problem.

We all love a good conspiracy theory though.

Michael Tam
vitualis' Medical Rants

4/06/2006 05:41:00 AM  

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