First Strike Nuclear Weapons Use

First strike nuclear weapons use. (See here) a Haaretz article that reports the Bush administration is at least considering first strike nuclear weapons use against Iran in the current squabble concerning Iran's potential development of nuclear weapons.

First off, let me state that this is being reported as being an option that has been presented to the Bush administration. Hopefully it is an option that is being immediately dismissed. There are better ways of dealing with Iran even if they develop nuclear weapons. Hopefully we do not have a mad man at the helm sitting in the Oval Office who would take this "option/suggestion" seriously.

Let me point to history. Harry Truman fired Douglas Macarthur because Douglas demanded the first use of nuclear weapons while we still had overwhelming nuclear superiority. Harry Truman wisely decided we would not resort to nuclear weapons. That if the conflict could not be won without the use of these weapons we would rather accept defeat.

Dubyah, you are no Harry Truman. If you resort to first use of nuclear weapons, you will be setting the precedent that first use of nuclear weapons is SOMETIMES justified. If Iran does develop nuclear weapons there are many, far wiser, options for isolating Iran until she gives up the nuclear weapons she has developed. I, for one, demand we continue on the path that Harry Truman's wise leadership led us towards. Even Ronald Reagan pointed towards the wisdom of Harry Truman when he set out to be elected President.

George Dubyah Bush does not possess the wisdom to lead us into a new world reality. I see no threat from Iran being a nuclear power that can not be resolved with something other then first use of nuclear weapons.

If Iran insists on developing nuclear weapons America can isolate Iran just like America isolated the Soviet Union and Red China during the Cold War. I believe that the vast majority of the world will be willing to follow us in this leadership.

The mere ENTERTAINMENT of first strike use, even the THREAT of first strike use is MADNESS.

If Iran insists on developing nuclear weapons, she will be unable to use them. For daring to develop them she should be forced to pay a heavy price. But if we resort to first strike use to prevent her from developing them, we are going to open up Pandora's box.

Our veterans in the Korean War paid a heavy price to seal Pandora's box under the leadership of Harry Truman. I am unwilling to waste the sacrifices these wonderful veterans made on some mad "new world order" that Dubyah would dream up for us that allows first strike use of nuclear weapons.

We can deal with an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. We can make the price to be paid for having them more then the Iranian people will be willing to bare. We can not deal with a world that allows first strike use of nuclear weapons.

Dubyah, Mr President, I beg of you to please leave Pandora's Box sealed.


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