Charley Reese on Consequences of a War State

(See here) another of Charley Reese's columns, this one that appeared at the Information Clearing House.

Charley makes some good points in this column. I really appreciate reading his thoughts on things, however I think he goes just abit too far in his condemnations of my (our) nation. The only just war in the past century was World War II?

Charley specifically takes aim at the Korean War as being unjust. Come on Charley, America was trying to combat the expansion of Stalinistic Communism back then. Stalin was as big a piece of doo doo as Hitler. Proof that this was a just war lies in the comparison of what our veterans fought and died to defend and the end results. Compare the society we fought against (North Korea) and the one we helped defend (South Korea). Charley, if you were forced to pick one of these societies to live in, which one would you choose?

I also find fault with Charley trying to compare Slobodan Milosevic with Abraham Lincoln. Sigh. I do not think I need to say anything more about this other then to point out Charley made the comparison.

And Charley, you find fault with our invasion of Afghanistan too?

I think the only thing that would have made Charley happy is that after the last war he deems a just war, World War II, America had retreated to Fortress America as we did after World War I. While America's involvement in world affairs has not been perfect since the end of World War II, can you imagine what kind of world we would be looking at with no American involvement since the close of that war?

I look back at America's leadership of the Free World after the close of WW II, and I am amazed at just how well we did. Were we perfect? No. We proved that even Americans are not perfect.

But I challenge Charley Reese to take an honest look at history and try to come up with a reasonable vision of just how the world would have ended up by now had America retreated back into Fortress America after WW II.

Can honest criticism of America's actions since WW II be leveled against us? Yes. But I also think that there is some room for honest praise as well.

Personally I look back at history since WW II and my own opinion of American leadership is: Pretty damn good. Far from perfection, but who could have done better?

Honest criticism is warranted. Dishonest white washing is certainly at least regrettable.


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