Teetotalers Unite!

(See here) a Yahoo News article that reports on how Texas is cracking down on people who dare to be drunk in a bar.

Exscuse me, but what are we going to see next? Are we going to start sending undercover cops into McDonalds and arresting people for being obese while eating a Big Mac?

According to Carolyn Beck, the goal is to arrest these awful humans (who dare to be inebriated in a bar) BEFORE they break the law. Note that this is going on in Texas, so it is apt to start showing on a theater near you.

We have cracked down on drunken driving with notable success. Now it is no longer acceptable to even have a few too many without getting behind the wheel.

OK, I am no longer allowed to be "drunk in public" even in a bar. I'll adjust.

But when you come up to the door of MY HOUSE to arrest me for being drunk in private, you are going to be met with gunfire. Understand?

Credit goes to Jake on zenlunatique for pointing this one out to me.


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