Peace Now Continues to Work For Peace

Blessed are the peacemakers. Peace Now continues to work for peace.

(See here) an Arutz Sheva article that reports on Peace Now's most recent efforts to guide us towards a just settlement of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Please note that this article appears in a right wing Israeli site and they are trying to condemn Peace Now's efforts.

Well the intent of the article was lost on me. All it did was motivate me to once again sing the praises of Peace Now. While I do not always find myself in 100% agreement with Peace Now, particularly in some of their methods (I often think they are a little naive) here I am prompted to sing their praises.

Peace Now has come out against the Hamas led Palestinian government. However they are still motivated to get the Palestinian People a fair deal absent Palestinian government participation. How do I judge the Peace Now position? Seems to me it is something like "Even if the Palestinian People have retreated from reasonableness, our side, our people, should still be reasonable."

You know, somebody behind Peace Now (and it might be a group effort) is displaying some leadership that I can only describe as beautiful.

If the Palestinian People (and their leadership) are unwilling to be reasonable, Peace Now is going to be reasonable for them.

I think I am going to close this one just the way I opened it. Blessed are the peacemakers.


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