Hamas Will Not Bow to Blackmail

(See here) a Voice of America article that reports Hamas says they will not bow to blackmail.

Ain't these guys hypocrites? They not only expect America and the EU should allow them to "do their own thing" but they have the gaul to expect America and the EU to pick up the tap for them "doing their own thing" contrary to the wishes of the person who picks up the tab?

Hey, Hamas is so wise they figured out a way to finance the government that they ran for while bucking against the ways of the people who pick up the expenses of that government.

They think they should be allowed to launch suicide bombers against Israeli society and that Israel should be prevented from striking back at the government that launched them in reprisal?

Talk about Christian hypocrites? Let us judge THEM by the same standards that we use to judge ourselves.

When Hamas seeks to approach a position that approaches reasonableness, we can show we too can be reasonable. But as long as Hamas tries to stand firm on the crumbling foundation of hypocrisy, I say we tighten the screws.

NOT ONE DIME goes to Hamas. If they are so smart they do not need us, force them to prove it.

Of course, Hamas should be allowed to change just like Yassar Arafat was allowed to change.

Our goal is to bring this conflict to an end. What is Hamas's goal?


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