More Movement By Hamas on Recognizing Israel

(See here) an Aljazeera article that reports Hamas might be willing to recognize Israel as long as certain conditions are met.

Once again we see some movement in the Hamas position. Not enough movement, but movement none the less.

As I said before, Hamas seems to be motivated to try and split (divide and conquer) the international communities' position that is pretty much aligned against them.

Hamas is agreeing to recognize Israel IF Israel withdraws totally back to 1967 borders. Well in my opinion this is not reasonable. This might be a reasonable position to start negotiations with, but it is an unreasonable position that this must be what negotiations will result in, and stipulating this must be the case in return for recognizing Israel. As I have stated many times in the past, about the best Hamas can reasonably expect to obtain through negotiations is something along the lines of the Geneva Accords.

I am going to quote myself. A few short days ago I stated:
My opinion is that while there does seem to be some evidence the Hamas position
is softening, Hamas has not journeyed far enough down the path to moderation.
The requirements for Hamas to be a player in the peace process is for Hamas to
renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept previous peace agreements.

While the Hamas position continues to soften, my opinion has not changed. The requirements stated are the requirements for Hamas to enter into negotiations, not the requirements for what Hamas will do if negotiations go their way.

I hope the international community stands resolute in the face of Hamas efforts to crack the united front we currently present. That Hamas is moderating at all is proof that our efforts are effective.


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